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Foreclosures are Way Down Is Time Running Out for Rental Property Deals?

Corelogic’s foreclosure report for December 2016 tells us that completed foreclosures in December fell a whopping 39.6% from


Leveraging the High Tech Real Estate Agent for Your Investing Due Diligence

If you’re an active real estate investor, you’re dealing with real estate agents now and then. Sure, the normal retail listed

Lease Expiration Decisions Can You Raise the Rent and Keep the Tenant?

When should you be thinking about your strategy for expiring leases with good tenants? It certainly shouldn’t be the month

Real Estate Investing Finding Gold Takes Work and a Plan

Whether flipping houses or finding rental properties for long term investment, the most important piece of the investment

Weekly Wisdom #423 – Why did I hire a 17 year old?

Every week for over 8 years straight I record a video for you – nothing for sale, just me sharing everything I’ve learned after 30+ years of business experience, generating hundreds of millions of dollars, and being blessed to be surrounded by amazing people.

And each week I promote, share and tell you about the video because it may be the one that changes everything for YOU

Look, the hardest way to learn life lessons is through your own trial and error. I send you these videos each week so you can hopefully learn from mine instead! 🙂

This week’s video may be one of the most important lessons to your success and happiness that I’ve ever shot.!

In the video…

A 17-year-old kid who’s killing it with his income, life and happiness shares a secret we all can learn from.

Watch now!

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

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When a Flip Doesn’t Sell Did You Run the Numbers for It?

Flipping houses has been a profitable business for many, and it still is. It is a bit more challenging as the inventory of

Adapt to Staying Put Trend with Creative Investment Thinking

A recent article in the New York Times used the phrase staying put in the title. The article speaks to the trend in real