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Weekly Wisdom #333 – Damn Resistance!

You might to realize this, but when I was in high school some of my teachers would call me stupid because I couldn’t read or write that well…

Should someone like me have ever written multiple NY Times best-selling books? No chance!! For years I told myself there is no way someone like me could succeed.

And you know what I really was doing? RESISTING… I was resisting the future I deserved because for so many years I was told I can’t do this and I can’t do that. And if I hadn’t of figured out how to spot my resistance and crush it, I never would have become the man I am today, the friend I am today or the father I am today.

And this week, in Part II of my Resistance Weekly Wisdom Lesson I want to show you how to crush your damn resistance and live the life you DESERVE!

This is a must watch video for anyone out there that feels like they are stuck resisting what they really want…


Dean Graziosi

Cast: Dean Graziosi

Tags: wisdom, help and development


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